We bring a bespoke touch and best-in-class service experience to our clients and craft.

Principal, Strategy Director

In charge of cultivating client solutions, PORTER Strategy Director, Nicole Gunderson, is our leader in planning and creative development. She drives the design and visual of projects by asking the right questions. Guiding clients toward their goals, her strategy and marketing expertise makes experiences come to life seamlessly.

Nicole brings 20 years of industry experience to the company but it is her collaboration with Mike that has truly stood the test of time. Embracing their complementary work ethic, her inspiring creative visions are met with Mike’s executional strength.

Principal, Production Director

Every project is a puzzle destined to be solved according to PORTER Production Director, Mike Watson. He handles the building and execution of custom fixtures and large-scale retail experiences. Motivated by the details that make projects successful, Mike aims for sure-fire outcomes and no surprises.

“It’s about time,” he told Nicole the moment she proposed starting PORTER together. As a dynamic duo who blends creative and production, he brings 30 years of industry experience, and recognizes Nicole as one of the most driven and passionate people he knows.

Anchored between San Diego and Chicago, the two are connected by their unique expertises and untethered devotion to strategically designing and producing retail experiences.


Stewardship is paramount to our ethos, work, and relationships. Your expectations are our working reality and as solid as the ground we stand on, our multidisciplinary team is well-versed in strategy, design, and production.